Facial consultation free

Free 70% glycolic face peel with purchase of Jan Marini skin care system ($75.00 value)

Jan Marini skin care system- used for normal/combination skin or dry skin containing:

Glycolic cleanser- to promote a soft, smooth more refined skin texture.                                               Rejuvenate- containing Vitamin C & DMAE to improve the appearance of wrinkles, skin firmness and create a lifted radiant look.                                                                                                                          Resurface- Targets textural concerns and provide multifaceted resurfacing benefits.                      Hydrate- targets a variety of skin concerns by repairing damage, increasing hydration, guarding against inflammation and greatly enhancing overall skin rejuvenation.                                                                Protect- broad spectrum UV protection from the suns harmful rays and includes an oil capturing system providing a silky matte surface that does not feel heavy or oily. 

Cost – Small kit- $180.00   Large kit- $300.00 

Jan Marini MD skin care system large kit - $360.00 with added accelerator focusing on hyperpigmentation using Marini Luminate face lotion

Other Jan Marini products available including eye creams, growth factors, antioxidants, Hyaluronic acid face and lip products, retinol accelerators, cleansers, cellulite targeting agents and Bioglycolic hand and body agents. 

Clinical resurfacing peels- Refine, Clarify and Transform peels   $120- $175

70% Glycolic resurfacing peels with minimal to no down time-  face - $75  Neck- $35 Hands- $45

- Package including face neck and hands- $115

- Package of 3 – 70% glycolic face peels- $200

Glycolic and Retinol plus Resurfacing- $125- Used on all skin types. An aggressive resurfacing treatment designed to resurface and provide skin refining effects for greater smoothness and hydration. Will minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, sun damage and hyperpigmentation.


Microdermabrasion Resurfacing $175- Uses the benefit of microdermabrasion with intense hydration and skin rejuvenation. 

Proteolytic enzyme back treatment with extractions- $125- used for exfoliation and skin resurfacing designed to address acne, dry skin and various other back conditions. Enzymes are used to digest dead and diseased skin cells without harming normal healthy skin cells. 

Package of 3 treatments- $315


Hand Rejuvenation treatment- $75- Luminate and revitalize hands by targeting the visible signs of aging by combining gentle to advanced resurfacing tailored to each person needs. Brightens overall skin tone decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, uneven texture and discoloration for a more youthful appearance. 

Package of 6 treatments performed weekly- $300

BOTOX/XEOMIN/DYSPORT – NEUROTOXIN- $10-14 Unit depending on product used- dependent on client preference, skin type and area to be treated. Average units for female 40u male 50u

Specialty injections

1- Migraines

2- Bruxism

3- Eye spasms

4- Jawbone reduction

5- Mid-arch brow lift

6- Nasal tip lift, nasal flare correction

7- Decollete

Dermal filler- range $400-$800 per syringe – Price and amount will be determined during skin consultation based on product used. Soft fillers, hard filler, HA and non-HA fillers. Areas being treated, skin type, patient preference and desired outcome will determine product best suited for each individual.  

Fillers are suitable for hands, sagging ears, Tear trough (tired eyes), cheek augmentation, philtrum redefinition( vertical indentation in the middle area of the upper lip) marionette lines (laugh lines), Glabellar (worry lines), 

Sculptra Butt lift/contouring- $1200- $2200

Combination Aesthetic Procedures

Liquid facelift- $800-$1000- upper 1/3 of the face 30-40u botox and dermal filler to the lower 2/3 of the face. The result is you are treating the entire face and not a specific indication while keeping the cost at or under $1000 per treatment. 

Stem cell facelift- Upper 1/3 of the face with Botox (20u-30u) and lower 2/3 with PRP and Dermal filler. Price dependent on skin consultation, desired outcome and product used. 

Dermaroller with HA/Vitamin C- $175 

- Package of three sessions with dermaroller- $450

- Package of six session with dermaroller- $775

Microneedling with PRP- $700 per treatment- corrects skin texture, stimulates collagen, reduce static lines and stimulate stem cell attraction to the areas which will enhance the PRP treatment. 

- Package of 3 session - $1800

Dermaplaning- $60 per session

- Package of 3 sessions- $145

- Package of 6 sessions- $300

Skin tag removal- 

- $125- 30 minute session

- $175-60 minute session

Mesotherapy- $300 per session- Mesotherapy is the use of small injections for weight loss and to reduce cellulite to problem areas such as under the chin, belly fat, arms, love handles and cellulite over hips and legs. 

- Mesotherapy 3 session- $750

Sclerotherapy- Injections to eliminate or decrease spider or varicose veins. 

- $200 for 30 minute session

- $300 for 60 minute session

Package of 3 – 30 minute session- $530

Package of 3- 60 minute sessions- $1050

Threadlifting - $750-$1500